The Copernicus Project

March 8, 2019 - March 10, 2019
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In the year 1532 CE, Nicolaus Copernicus discovered our world isn’t the center of the universe.

We are continuing his legacy.

We seek the truth about our food system. We challenge conventional thinking to uncover the opportunity of the next lifetime.

Join us.


Friday 3/8 | 12-8PM

Experiential Activation Open to the Public


The Future of Society Is On Our Children’s Dinner Plates

Children are our greatest asset, yet lack of proper nutrition is driving dramatic increases in disease, hampering cognitive function, and taxing our healthcare system. In order to build a healthy, strong society, we must nurture children not only through the food they eat, but through the systems that bring food to the table.

Alexis Glick, CEO, GENYOUth

Nona Evans, Executive Director, Whole Kids Foundation
Dr. Marina Walther-Antonio, Center for Individualized Medicine, Mayo Clinic


Opening Remarks and A Look Ahead

Beth Ford will open The Copernicus Project with an official welcome, followed by a conversation guided by Annie Granatstein of The Washington Post. Beth and Annie will discuss the responsibility leaders have to drive change and convene thought leaders from varied viewpoints, with a look ahead to three days of programming.

Beth Ford, CEO, Land O’Lakes, Inc.
Annie Granatstein, Head of WP BrandStudio, The Washington Post


Happy Hour with DJ Mel

Renowned emcee and local Austin music scene legend DJ Mel will infuse the space with music, energy and a special installation will heighten visitors’ senses through light and sound.

Saturday 3/9 | 11:30-7PM

Experiential Activation Open to the Public


Does Artificial Intelligence Belong In Agriculture?

Machine learning, computer vision and AI have made agriculture one of the most tech-forward industries. How can we harness this power to feed the world? And what is the long-term impact of these technologies on our food system? We’ll look at these issues, as well as the impact technology has on the logistics in our food supply chain.

Frank Sesno, Correspondent, Anchor and Washington Bureau Chief, CNN (1984-2001; 2005-2009) and Director, George Washington University’s School of Media & Public Affairs

Mark Young, CTO, The Climate Corporation
Stewart Collis, Senior Program Officer, Digital Agriculture Solutions, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Nick DelRegno, Fellow, Emerging Tech Platforms, Verizon
Joel Wipperfurth, Ag Technology Lead, WinField United


The Washington Post Live: Food for Thought

Produced by The Washington Post.

The Washington Post presents a series of conversations on the future of food with local chefs, restaurant owners, entrepreneurs and food thought leaders who are setting the culinary agenda — featuring Top Chef Executive Producer Padma Lakshmi.

The program will include a segment from Land O’Lakes produced by WP BrandStudio titled “Bringing Truth to the Table: An Inside Look at Popular Myths.”


Cocktails and Conversation – A Celebration of Diverse Leaders

This social hour will bring together diverse leaders in food, technology and healthcare to discuss the steps they’ve taken to shape the future of their industries.

Hosted by:
Beth Ford, CEO, Land O’Lakes, Inc.
Tim Scott, CMO, Land O’Lakes, Inc.
Teddy Bekele, CTO, Land O’Lakes, Inc.
Kim Olson, CCO, Land O’Lakes, Inc.

Alexis Glick, CEO, GENYOUth
Madhavi Reese, Vice President of Brand, Whole Foods
Nona Evans, Executive Director, Whole Kids Foundation

Sunday 3/10 | 12-5:30PM

Experiential Activation Open to the Public


Saving Our Food: A Modern Take on An Ancient Practice

In partnership with Bayer.

When we slice up a favorite vegetable as we make dinner or add bread to our plate, it seems so common and traditional. For some of us, we remember doing this same thing with grandparents and are happily doing it with the next generation. But does the same scene appear differently when you look across millennia? Scientists and food historians see evolution from ancient practices to the modern day. Their insight on the way food culture has shifted and the various scientific components that have impacts on our plate and diet are seen on both the macro and micro levels — going all the way down to the cell. What are the similarities and differences among and between ancient grains and today’s common foods?

Dan Stone, contributing writer at National Geogrpahic and author of The Food Explorer: The True Adventures of the Globe-Trotting Botanist Who Transformed What America Eats

Bob Reiter, Head of R&D, Bayer Crop Science
Additional paneslists to be announced


THRIVE X Future of Food Innovation Challenge

The THRIVE Tank innovation competition will invite entrepreneurs working on solutions in the Agrifood sector to share their ideas to a live audience and panel of esteemed judges. A grand prize will be awarded to the entrepreneur making the most significant contribution to the advancement of the future of food and agriculture.

Jonathan Hua, Accelerator Program Manager, THRIVE AgTech
Emily Breslin, Marketing Manager, THRIVE AgTech

John Harnett, CEO SVG Ventures and THRIVE AgTech
James Wilde, Global Agtech Ecosystem Leader, EY Global
Nick DelRegno, Architecture/Infrastructure Fellow, Verizon
Scott Komar, Senior Vice President, Global R&D
Tina May, Senior Director, Sustainability, Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN


Cocktails and Conversation – Taste the Future of Individualized Nutrition

The Copernicus Project’s final social hour will give visitors a taste for diets of the future, allowing them to select cocktails that are connected to their personal nutrient needs.


March 8, 2019
March 10, 2019
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Trinity Hall
311 E 5th St
Austin,78701United States
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(512) 634-8278

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