“RSVPster makes SXSW party invites easy”KXAN News, February 22, 2013

There are a lot of free shows and parties during South by Southwest. But most times you have to be on the guest list to get in. But one Austin business is making money by making it easier for you to join the fun. It’s no secret that once SXSW gets to town it’s easy to feel like you have too many options with over a thousand different events and parties going on. So two years ago Jennifer Sinski got an idea on how to cut down on the confusion. “In 2011, I realized there was a need for people to find SXSW unofficial parties in one place, without all the hassle,” said Sinski. She and her friend Miles Dahmann created the site



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“Entrepreneurial Austin: One Woman’s SXSW Party Profiteering”Forbes, February 19, 2013

Sinski feels RSVPster is worth its salt for the sheet number of party lists she can get your name on—an estimated 260 for the 2013 fest—and the added benefit of sending your evening plans directly to your iCal, no app download required. From where I sit that $30 seems worth its weight in $5 bottles of LoneStar when you can’t get into the party with your friends and have to kill an hour wandering 6th street, only to wind up face down at Coyote Ugly.

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“How to do the Austin SXSW festival for free”The Guardian, February 7, 2013

Quite often you have to RSVP to the parties online, which means the companies will add you to their mailing lists in return for providing complimentary entertainment for the day. If that sounds too much like hard work, pay $40 (which, let’s be honest, you’ll probably make back in about an hour’s worth of free drinking) and will get you entry into almost all the free parties, and provide a spreadsheet detailing who is playing, who is sponsoring and any rumours of secret performances.



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“5 ways to find the best SXSW parties and RSVP” –, February 8, 2013

The three-year-old site RSVPs customers for Interactive or Music week for a fee. Users can opt to have the service cover both weeks for an additional $10 which covers over 250+ unofficial SXSW events. Most official events require a SXSW badge for entry. Business

“Are You On the List? SXSW’s Party Economy” – Business, February 28, 2012

Sinski characterizes her service as a way to weed through the Southby experience, giving users the ability to find and attend different events on the fly; it’s also good for those who attend the festival without full passes (such as the folks sent to work the festival who still want to capture some of the nightlife). Sinski, who’s attended SXSW for the last six years, advises out-of-towners to get off the beaten path and check out the non-headline events, and suggests that locals get into the spirit of the festival, whether for fun, profit or both.”



“RSVPster: Your SXSW Party Assistant”, February 17th, 2011

How it works: for a small fee (which you’ll easily recoup in sponsored grub/suds), she’ll plug your info into hundreds of webforms, with confirmations sent to a dummy email of your choosing, preserving inbox sanctity while guest-listing you for countless parties for which you won’t need any dirty rotten filthy stinking rich badges, even if Warrant is playing. Further enabling your laziness, she’ll supply a comprehensive spreadsheet dataset with particulars like booze/food sponsors, acts, and even rumored secret performances, like when Courtney Love played Nirvana songs last year at the… ah, Nevermind.”
“25 years prove SXSW, Austin made for each other: Born amid visions of nightmare failure, festival became a music lover’s dream, helped put city on global map.” From The Austin-American Statesman,, by Michael Corcoran

For a fee of $30, Sinski does all the work to get clients on the guest lists for the daytime parties that turn Austin into a throbbing mass of hipster humanity around the clock. The thought of such a venture in the early years of SXSW was unheard of. Until about 1994, there might have been a couple of parties a day. In year 25, the side party database at lists details and lineups for about 600 day parties during the 10 days of the three SXSW segments… With zero advertising and only a story on a blog to let folks know about RSVPster, Sinski attracted more than 150 customers in a week and closed out registration.”
“SXSW Interactive Party Round-Up: Do Not Underestimate a Nerd’s Ability to Party”The Huffington Post, March 16, 2011, by Phil West

The parties are so hard to manage and keep straight that this year, a group of entrepreneurs established a service called RSVPster. For $30, subscribers let the service RSVP them into the multitude of parties around town. While that contributes to a flurry of confirmation e-mails and at least several “I RSVP’d to what?” double takes, it’s also a way to help make sense of the everywhere that you feel you have to be at when at a conference the size and scope of Interactive.”




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There’s a website that I was talking about earlier, called, and you pay $30 to get them to automatically RSVP you and a plus one to all the [SXSW]  events, which can be really time consuming… if you afford the extra expense, it might save you time and effort than seeking out all those extra parties”








Study Breaks: Party with RSVPSTER

Luckilyyyyyy I just discovered RSVPSTER.COM. For $30 (which I spend on wine and gelato circa 5 times a week at Whole Foods anyway) the party pros at RSVPster get you and your +1 on the list for every unofficial party they can during SXSW—i.e. you do NOT have to frantically search to figure out where you should be/when you should sign up/if you can even get in. Because that shit is simply stressful.”

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