Frequently Asked Questions

1. When do you send out the calendar of events?

The calendar is updated daily, and will not be complete until the festival. When you sign up for RSVPster,  you can export parties to your iCal/Gmail calendar and see the RSVP link for every event (though we will take care of the RSVP for you, in most cases). The calendar includes a map of all festival venues in Austin. You can also search by venue, band or sponsor for every party.

2. How do I know which events I’m RSVPed for?

You should receive e-mail confirmations from the events themselves. This process is a little slow at the start, but you’ll notice an influx of e-mail confirmations in the weeks approaching the festival. Some events will not send RSVP confirmations.

We post every party we RSVP you to on the Party Calendar, and have a list of parties we recommend you RSVP yourself to (because the RSVP sells out quickly or they require Facebook verification). We only RSVP to parties that do not require a badge.

3. Does the list only include free events or does it also include ticketed events that you can pre-pay for?

The list is mainly free events. Events that are not free (or require a ticket) or badge only detail their requirements for entry. We do not RSVP for badge-only events or events with a fee, but do often list the events on a calendar so those with badges can have the event information.

4. Can you get me into the Fader Fort (Perez Hilton Party/Hype Hotel/Anywhere with free tacos)?

We have no advantage for entrance to the Perez Hilton Party, Fader Fort, or any other major event other than diligently monitoring the release of party information, and beginning the RSVP process quickly. There is a chance that party RSVPs might close quickly, which we cannot control. We provide all links to RSVP, announce RSVPs via social media, and create posts on the site regarding party information.

5. Is this service worth it?

We’re happy you’re considering using RSVPster to help wade through hundreds of events and parties during the festival. We believe this service works best for a festival first-timer or for someone who does not want to or have the time to sort through party invites. We started RSVPster in 2011, and we’ve always had excellent feedback and press coverage.

6. Does signing up to use RSVPster mean I get to cut in line at every party?

While we wish we had this type of party-prowess, we’re not in control of how events function, and we cannot promise that you’re going to skip a line, get in first, or even promise that you’ll get into the event. All we can do is RSVP you open parties, say a little party-prayer, and hope for the best. This isn’t a OMGALLACCESSSXSW pass, it’s just a way to keep organized with all the many, many events happening during the festival.

7. What about adding a ‘Plus One’/’Guest’ to my RSVPs?

When a party has a plus 1 option, we check it for you. However, if you’d like a friend to also be RSVP’d to every event we RSVP you for, we recommend each person having their own pass.

8. Will I get a lot of emails?

We RSVP you to unofficial events hosted on third party websites. Some events then send you an email confirmation, while some do not  — this means you will potentially have hundreds of party-related emails.

If you use gmail or yahoo, services like Unroll.Me do an excellent job of cleaning up your inbox and unsubscribing from mailing lists.

9. Can I promote my party on

We are happy to promote your party for a free to a large and diverse festival audience, just drop us a line with your event info. We will list your party in our calendar, RSVP our users and promote your event on Twitter and Facebook.

10. Can you list my party but not RSVP your users?

We understand certain events are geared toward a specific portion of the festival crowd. We are happy to list your event in our calendar, but not RSVP our users.

If you ever experience a problem, please email to let us know.

If you have any problems with our service or would like us to stop RSVP’ing you to events, contact us.

We cannot guarantee entrance to any event. Event entry is up to the operator of the event, capacity, and other circumstances. We are not affiliated with the SXSW Music, Film, or Interactive Festival. By signing up for, you are agreeing to these terms of service and understand entry to an event always falls at the will of the event operator.  By submitting your email address to, you are allowing for the distribution of this address to companies and individuals associated with unofficial South By Southwest Music, Interactive, and Film operations. Your email address will be entered into party databases on websites associated with the festival, and you will receive information from these third party websites. operates as an ‘opt-in’ email distribution service, and payment for the service ensures consent to distribute any email address associated with the client account. Please be sure you understand these terms of service before registering for this website.

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