#SXSWtips: Party Throwing

#SXSWtips: Party Throwing

We’ve been getting more and more emails regarding planning/throwing unofficial parties for SXSW’13. We thought we’d share some tips that have helped in the past. It’s a little late in the game to still be planning, but if you’re trying to throw a DIY party, get a few extra sponsors on board, or need ideas for promoting — we’ve collected all this info in one place. Maybe read this post 6 months before the fest next year — most parties are booked already now that it’s February and we’re just on pins and needles waiting for RSVP news.

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1) Sponsorfied
The matchmakers. Sponsorfied connects brands to the right audiences — the former ATX now SF located startup has received major press since their launch at SXSW’12. How it works: you’re throwing a huge event, you’re got solid talent, you’ve got a venue, but you want to get the right brands on board to add to the party experience for your audience. All you need to do is create a Sponsorfied account giving them detailed demographic information of your expected audience and reasons why a brand might want to join in on the fun, and they’ll help connect you to their network of brands to find the right sponsor fit. Need more details on why Sponsorfied works for SXSW? Read their latest blog post.

2) Get your permit
The city held a SXSW event planner meeting on 1/31, but in case you missed it, here are some basic tips:

  • Temporary use permits (TUPs) without sound are 10 days before SXSW begins.
  • Temporary with sound for one day is 21 days before the event however 30 days in advance for multiple days.
  • Temporary use permits are only given for commercially or industrial zoned properties and can only be given for 3 days per week or a total of 5 days per month.
  • They expect to have an increase in TUPs this year. In 2011, 69 permits were issued. In 2012, the number of TUPs increased to 96.

3) Finding a venue
First, if you’re not in ATX, finding a local event planner or real estate broker can help with booking a last minute space. You want to stay close to downtown for anything SXSW-related. An event in West Campus, SoCo area, or East Austin can also work — always remember that every possible place will be hosting a party and sometimes you have to get creative with finding the perfect spot. More and more posts on Craig’s List are happening lately regarding venues still available to rent or you can contact venues directly — many are posting their SXSW status on their Facebook pages. Eventslice is a new ATX company that helps event planners/party promoters/companies find the perfect venue and allows venue owners to advertise what they have to offer — they’re launching at SXSW this year, and have already partnered with many local hotels and spaces to list on the site. The site also helps you find an event planner, if needed.

4) Booking talent
Not sure who you want to play your party? Check out our band listing page to see 150+ bands looking to plan unofficial SXSW shows.

5) Promote your party
We’re happy to list events on our SXSW party calendar, to write a post about the event, or to advertise events on the site. All you have to do is contact us. We can also host an RSVP if needed! Create a great flyer & post it far and wide — a Facebook event, services like Eventbrite, and adding #SXSW to your tweets about the party are all great ways to spread the word.

6) I need a festival spirit guide
Austin-based company Lucid Routes wants to help with your festival FOMO. The company co-founders give you an insider’s view to Austin’s hottest festivals, conferences and events and save you the money and growing pains that other first-time attendees suffer through. How it works: Before you spend a dime on your ridiculously epic trip, Lucid Routes sits down with you, either in person or virtually, and gets to know you and uncover exactly you want get out of your trip. They great a guide for you tailored to your interests. Check them out if you need some festival hand-holding.

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