Stereofly SXShowcase (FREE) Aggressive & Saturated Showcase on RAINEY ST during SX

March 12, 2014 @ 10:00 am - 5:30 pm
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Join Stereofly Magazine for the SXShowcase on Rainey St at Javelina Bar for a showcase of some of the best artists coming out of the Southeast, with special Austin locals The Rocketboys and Dethrone and Relapse Records artist Primitive Man.

The event is FREE, and at one of the best bars on Rainey St. Doors open at 10am. We party till 5:30pm. Sound provided by Jam Room Studio.

We have two stages. Below is the list of artists that will be performing on each stage in order of appearance.

SATURATED (Rock n’ Roll + Indie Rock)
Ned and the Dirt
The Rocketboys
Iron Whip
Death On Two Wheels
Shallow Palace

AGGRESSIVE (Metal + Punk)
Reveal Renew
Sein zum Tode
Primitive Man


(adj.) thoroughly soaked; charged or brought to a state of complete saturation

CUSSES (SAVANNAH, GA) Savannah-bred Cusses is high energy, fun and catchy while still bringing some heaviness. Featuring a unique guitar-bass amp hybrid, beastly drumwork and the ever-active front woman Angel Bond whose non-stop dancing and great vocal range makes for an unforgettable live show.

CARNAVAL (CHARLESTON, SC) Carnaval’s music could be the soundtrack to your favorite thriller film. The use of bows on guitars only reinforces the brooding atmosphere painted by Carnaval, perfectly complimented by sparse but powerful vocals.

SHALLOW PALACE (COLUMBIA, SC) Shallow Palace is an American Rock-and-Roll band playing a visceral style of rock music influenced by the last 50 years of the genre. Psychedelic lead riffs flow through a heavy ’70s metal-inspired rhythm section rooted in grunge-punk ideals combine to make the most notable part to their sound.

NED & THE DIRT (COLUMBIA, SC) Ned and the Dirt is a three-piece indie/rock outfit hailing from Columbia, SC. Combining the sweet singer-songwriter vibe of Ned Durrett with the rock sensibility of the Dirt, Ned and the Dirt brings a fresh brand of emotional, high-energy music to the listener.

ZONAEA (CHARLESTON, SC) Filled with noise, dissonance and an acute sense of dynamic, Zonaea is a unique and refreshing rock band from Charleston that isn’t afraid to break up a beautiful moment with a little yelling.

DEATH ON TWO WHEELS (ATLANTA, GA) This fivesome may have shed a bit of their southern skin, but the classic ’70s/meets grunge/meets modern mashup remains in full force, capturing their wealth of influences in a more concise, no-holds-barred sort of fashion.

IRON WHIP (ATLANTA, GA) Dark and heavy might be the best way to describe this Atlanta three-piece with a stoner-rock leaning with a lot of attitude.

THE ROCKETBOYS (AUSTIN, TX) Local hosts and Austin, TX indie-rockers The Rocketboys are masters of subtlety and mood, using harmonies and melodies to paint the scene.

AGGRESSIVE (adj.) vigorously energetic, especially in the use of initiative and forcefulness

YAUTJA (Nashville, TN) February will see Yautja’s debut LP, Songs of Descent (Forcefield Records). Crushingly heavy, Yautja toured all over in 2013 and have no plans to stop. Described as a melting pot of the hardcore and metal genres, Yautja does not prescribe to one singular sound. Truly versatile and extremely hostile.

ABACUS (Columbia, SC) Equal parts punk, hardcore and metal, Abacus has broken new ground in the aggressive community. Heavy riffs, a pummeling rhythm section and frighteningly crass vocals paint a dynamic and heavy picture.

GNARWHAL (Nashville, TN) Hardworking, humble, belligerent, spastic, confusing, magnificent. Gnarwhal’s insanely up-tempo and rhythmically impulsiveness surprises and excites at every turn. Constantly touring and releasing new music, Gnarwhal won’t stop. Can’t stop. Nana nana.

SEIN ZUM TODE (Columbia, SC) Weird. Weirder than weird. Deranged. Sein zum Tode’s off-the-wall time signatures and ear-shredding vocals are displaced by the beyond-disruptive percussion that makes listener’s hearts skip numerous beats. Truly original song arrangement and imaginative soundscapes make Sein zum Tode unforgettable.

PRIMITIVE MAN (Denver, CO) Following the massively successful debut full-length, Scorn (Relapse Records), Primitive Man have found no rest. Constantly touring the US and releasing their Crowbar cover of “Suffering Brings Wisdom”, 2013 belongs to Primitive Man and their doom-inspired sonic cannon.

REVEAL RENEW (TAMPA, FL) Punk rock through and through. Reveal Renew has a youthful message in their music: less talk, more rock. 2013 saw extensive touring for Reveal Renew including a Warped Tour run. Good things come for those that rip.

DETHRONE (AUSTIN, TX) Pummeling down beat hardcore is Dethrone’s way of communicating to the world. Rage-filled musicians on a war path. Dethrone spent 2013 writing for a full length and playing a few shows. Be on the look out for a full length this year.


69 Rainey Street
Austin,TX78701United States
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