10 SX Party Tips to Help You Conquer the Fest

Editors note: We gathered party tips from SX pros so you can walk into every party with the all the confidence of a festival pro. Updated for 2017 from the original article created by @WhoaCo.

1 – RSVP to Parties: Have a badge? Going badgeless? Either way, there are plenty of free parties you can attend that you’ll need to RSVP to. Order RSVPster: we find and RSVP you to all of the best film, music and interactive parties.

2 – MAKE IT RAIN (on your bartender): Free drinks are part of the festival experience, but you should still tip your bartender. Let them know how much you appreciate what they do with a little something extra in that tip jar.

3 – IT’S IN THE BAG: You need somewhere to store your essentials such as your mobile phone, wallet, money, keys, etc., while your hands are up in the air for the majority of the day. Fanny Packs are the hands-free alternative to carrying around all of your belongings such as your selfie stick, sunscreen, deodorant and other personal items that are musts during the weekend. If a fanny pack isn’t your thing, then choose a Camelbak as it’s another easy way to store essentials. A Camelbak also has the advantage of keeping you hydrated while avoiding long lines for refilling your water bottle. Don’t forget your phone charger, there will be charging stations dispersed throughout the festival.

4 – REMEMBER WHAT A LINE IS AND KEEP IT SACRED: Nobody is coming to SX to stand in a line. Make the experience better for everyone by following the unspoken rules of the line.

5 – DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE: Remember, there’s no Uber or Lyft in Austin (long story). However there’s plenty of other options to get home safely including Fasten and RideAustin (use promo code: fqfdjab2 to get your first ride free up to $20), the Capitol Metro bus (view schedule), MetroRail (view schedule), taxis (numbers for all Austin taxi companies: (512) 478-2222, (512) 452-9999, (512) 836-4900), or use Yellow Cab’s HailACabApp. If you’re staying downtown — get a pedicab, bike or walk. Check out the full post on how to get around (and where to stay!) while in Austin.

6 – A BADGE AND RSVP DON’T GUARANTEE ENTRY: The unglamorous aspect of the fest: #SXLines. Many, many,  lines. Long lines. Venues are always subject to capacity, and will often have to go with a ‘1 in and 1 out’ policy. If you find yourself in a no hope situation, it’s best to just bail and find another event. Go find a new showcase. It’s better to discover something new than spending your entire night in the back of a 200 yard line. Follow #SXLines on Twitter to get a general idea of what the wait looks like for certain events.

7 – ENJOY THE SHOW: Nothings wrong snapping some pictures or recording a snippet of your favorite artist, but do you really need to record the entire show? Get the stuff you need and put your phone down to enjoy the moment. Most of these showcases have professionals recording the shows. You can always watch a recap later on the internet.

8 – DON’T FORGET – EARPLUGS: Yes, you want earplugs in your gear pack, especially if you are spending three full days wandering from stage to stage. We’re not talking about those squishy foam plugs that help drone out the sound of your partner’s snoring. What you want are the kind that will protect your hearing from damage that occurs when the sound reaches 80 decibels or more, especially if you are one of those who needs to stand at the barrier in front of the amps. Sure, you can probably get some sort of ear protection at the festival, but rarely of the same quality you can get on your own. High-quality ear plugs made especially for listening to music usually cost less than $30, which is a small investment to preserve your hearing.

9 – HATING THIS BAND? LEAVE: For every person inside a showcase not enjoying themselves, there is someone outside in line that wishes they were in there. If you can’t stand another minute of that guys 80 synth wave dance ballad, head to a different venue to make space for others.

10 – NETWORKING ISN’T SO HARD…  JUST BE NICE: Just generally being pleasant to other attendees will go along way. For a lot of people, this week is like a vacation. Relax and enjoy the experience, while being respectful to others. Hold doors open. Say excuse me. A little kindness goes along way. Clean up after yourself. Throw garbage in trash cans. Tell people thank you. Buy a new friend a taco or beer. Meet new people while standing in line. Offer tips to those around who on where to go, eat, and things to see.

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