#SXSWTips: It’s Here. Let’s Have Fun!

#SXSWTips: It’s Here. Let’s Have Fun!

We’ve been working non-stop for about two months now to complete this project, and SX is finally here. Although the rain has us down, we’re so excited to welcome so many visitors to Austin to experience all of the Interactive/Music/Film events that Southby has to offer for the next 9 days.

lineIt’s really easy to find SX pictures of people standing in line.

We’ve told you how this site works here, but thought we’d do a few more guidelines before the madness.

1) Always remember that admission to an event/party is at the will of the event operator. Parties are going to reach capacity, there will be lines, and you might get frustrated by this, but there’s always something else going on to experience even if you can’t get into the event you originally wanted.

2) Using doesn’t mean you’re actually going to get into a party. We’ve explained how this process works several times – the BEST way to tell if you’re on a list is to see your confirmation emails, we’ve also compiled a post in the MEMBER’S ONLY SECTION (at the top of the page) to explain every event we’ve RSVPed you for. We have given you a spreadsheet & explained that (for the most part) everything in WHITE means we RSVPed you. Even so, things happen. Your name might not be on a list. Don’t fight with a door person over this. If you say something like: “Well, I used RSVPster, I know I’m on the list.” — The door person will not care. They are dealing with hundreds of people and name-dropping this service will get you nowhere.

3) Free drinks are awesome!… But, always remember to tip your bartender.

4) The spreadsheet is still being updated: Lots of announcements to come! We’re updating as we hear them. Something might change quickly giving us little time to update the spreadsheet, which is why you should follow us on Twitter. We’ll have the most updated info on @RSVPster & we’ll be tweetin’ from parties each night. We want to hear where you’re at & if you’re having a good time! Some events on the spreadsheet might change (due to weather, etc) and it’s best to find this out via our twitter account.

5) You can print the Google Doc spreadsheet/view it on your phone: link is provided in the Member’s Only area.

6) Create a Tweet-Deck on your phone to follow multiple hashtags: Beyond #SXSW, using #SXSW Party & #SXSW RSVP are helpful.

7) Stop looking at your phone, talk to people, listen to music & have fun! We’re having a party & want you to come!