Must See SXSW Bands

Must See Bands: Part 2 – 2017 Festival

Editor’s note: We love getting in the mood for the festival by previewing the best artists to watch. This post is the second in our 2017 series covering the best talent at the fest by RSVPster music writer, Brad. 

The huge festival in Austin from March 10 – 19 isn’t just for music. It has a whole lot going on, from music to comedy to technology expos. That said, the music at the fest tends to be one of the major draws, and this year is no exception. Here are some bands and artists performing that are worth getting excited about.

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Who they are: Spoon are Austin natives who have made a name for themselves with sly, funky indie rock since the 90s.

Why we’re excited: Most long-running bands are praised for not going completely off the rails. Spoon have bucked that trend by keeping things fresh and interesting even after over two decades together. They’ll be performing a three-night residency at the Main in anticipation of their ninth studio album, “Hot Thoughts.”

Have they played the fest before? Yes

Muuy Biien

Who they are: Muuy Biien are a band from Athens, Ga. whose music sound like what would happen if a nihilist was undergoing a particularly intense fever dream.

Why we’re excited: There is something to be said for moody music that actually captures dark emotions, rather than approximating them. Muuy Biien do just that. Plus, you have to see the lead singer’s dance moves in person.

Have they played the fest before? Yes

Anna Meredith

Who she is: Anna Meredith is a London-based producer and composer who received significant acclaim for her debut album, “Varmints,” last year.

Why we’re excited: “Varmints” is the kind of focused, eclectic work that makes you wrack your brain trying to figure out how they possibly could’ve made it. With a live performance by Meredith at SX, we hope to get that much closer to the answer.

Has she played the fest before? No

White Reaper

Who they are: This Louisville four-piece rocks proudly and eagerly, plus they even throw in some nice synthesizer flourishes on their songs.

Why we’re excited: Do you like energetic pop-punk that has you competing with everyone else in the crowd for who can show off the most enthusiasm? If yes, then do not miss White Reaper.

Have they played the fest before? Yes

Open Mike Eagle

Who he is: Open Mike Eagle is a Chicago-based rapper who makes “alternative hip-hop.” (You’ll understand better if you actually hear his music.)

Why we’re excited: A strong hip-hop presence is sorely needed at any music festival, not just in terms of having rappers but having rappers who stand out. Open Mike Eagle stands out in the best way possible through dexterous rhymes and tight flows.

Has he played the fest before? Yes

While this is just a small sampling of the hundreds of bands and artists who will be at the music festival this year, we believe this select crop will be some of the best music you’ll be seeing this year.

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