Life Below Zero: Escape The Cold (Day 2)

March 15, 2015 @ 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
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Think you’ve got what it takes to survive Life Below Zero? Join the National Geographic Channel to test your ingenuity and race against the clock in an effort to “Escape the Cold”.

Inspired by the top-performing Nat Geo series, Life Below Zero, this event will offer (3) arctic tents that groups of players are challenged to step inside, connect clues, complete challenges and solve puzzles in an effort to escape the cold conditions you’ll experience inside. In addition to participating in the chilly arctic tent games, the “Escape the Cold” experience at SXSW will feature a bar, serving complimentary cocktails, as well as a lounge area and DJ to keep up the frosty fun. A photo experience will round out the event and let you take frigid pics to share with friends, family and the social stratosphere – directly from the National Geographic “Escape the Cold” experience at SXSW 2015. A new season of Life Below Zero premieres April 9 at 9/8C .


Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?
(18) to enter, (21) to drink

Can I update my registration information?
If you can no longer make your scheduled game time, you may cancel your reservation or rebook for other available time slots.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?
A printed or digital copy of your ticket is highly recommended. If you don’t have your ticket, please present your ID at the registration table.

Will I be able to play the game with my friends or will I be paired with people I do not know?
During registration you are able to reserve (1) additional spot so you can play with a friend as long as you have their full name and valid email address at time of registration.

How long before my game time should I arrive?
We recommend you arrive (30) minutes before your scheduled game time and no less than (10) minutes before. You will have access to the bar and complimentary drinks as well as various games and activities to enjoy while you wait your turn to play. If you arrive fewer than (10) minutes before your scheduled start time, you may lose your reservation and/or be bumped to a later start.

What if I am late?
If you arrive less than (10) minutes before your scheduled start time you may lose your reservation. We will do our best to fit you in on the walk-in schedule, as we are able.

Can I just show up and play the game?
Yes! Though there may be a wait to participate. You can check in at the registration table on site when you arrive, and remember, there is much to do while you wait (if you have to!).

What do I need to do to register on-site?
Come at a time when you are able and see the staff at the registration table for the next available time-slots. Please bring your valid photo ID and your game face.

Is the game handicap accessible?
Yes. Please let us know at check-in and we will do our best to make reasonable accommodations.

How long does the game take?
Please allow for (30 – 35) minutes for the entire game session including pre-game instruction brief, game play and a solution explanation.

Does everyone escape?
No, but that’s part of what makes it so fun!

Do we win something if we escape?
Bragging rights.

How many drinks can I get at the bar?
Each person of legal drinking age (21+) is allowed (3) drinks and will be provided a wristband and tickets upon entry into the footprint.

Is there any food?
No snacks here so come with your belly full and ready to attempt to Escape the Cold.


307 E 2nd St
307 E 2nd St
Austin,TX78701United States
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