Party Checklist

You’ve ordered RSVPster, now what?

1. View the Party Calendar

We list all the music and interactive parties we RSVP you to in our calendar. Most events and parties will not be listed until February.

2. Manual RSVPs + Badges

Some parties require you to RSVP yourself because the events have a smaller capacity or are geared toward specific groups of attendees. Some events required official badges, so make sure you read over the event details before the fest. We list out all events that require a manual RSVP & badge so that you can RSVP yourself if you’d like.

3. SXSW Guest Pass

This is a free pass from SXSW that gives you access to some official events without needing to pay for a badge or wristband. Be sure to sign up before attending the fest.

4. RSVP your Plus 1

Navigating the fest is better with a friend. You can RSVP a friend. Use code RSVPME2019 for $5 off your second pass.

5. Tips and Guides

We’ve been helping partygoers navigate the fest in Austin for over 5 years. Check out our tips to make the most out of your time at the festival.