SX Rumors 2018: Round 3

SX Rumors 2018: Round 3

Editor’s note: This is Round 3 in our 2018 fest rumor round up report. This round of rumors comes from @WhoaCo. Keep up with who to follow on Twitter for fest news with our list of best users to follow. We’re also updating the party calendar daily as event information is released – want to sign-up to get on the list for every unofficial party? Sign-up today. The list of official artists keep growing daily, but this list is more about who hasn’t been announced yet, but might play at the fest. By looking at tour schedules and following artist rumors, @WhoaCo brings you the best guesses for fest additions.

This round of rumors has some bigger name guesses on it. None of these have confirmed… yet. But they do have open schedules so could be possibilities!

Cardi B: Open schedule. Queen of hip-hop. Headliner material. She is on the JMBLYA festival line up though in May, which could mean no Austin appearance before then, but we can still be hopeful that a bigger enough brand springs for her to come to the fest.

French Montana: Back on the scene and releasing new music, he’s got a gap during music week weekend.

Vic Mensa: We’re holding out hope that this young Chicago talent can finally make his way to to the fest this year before kicking off shows starting in April.

Vince Staples: Compton’s own has tour ending early March with Tyler the Creator. He’s a fest alum and we surely hope he enjoyed his experience last time enough to make a return this year.

Rich the Kid: He signed to Interscope last year, has a new album on the way, he’s on the BUKU lineup, and has an open schedule. Thats a nice recipe for a fest appearance if we’ve seen one.

Justin Timberlake: New album, tour beginning directly after music week, fest alum, legend, and all around likable guy. Come back and bless us once again. Where you at @secretshow?

Kanye West: If he decided to come out of his recent hermit status and do his thing, then SX might be the move. Not likely, but also still possible. We’re not holding on breath on this one.

Rolling Stones: Word on the internet is that they’re working on a new album. These are the type of shows that happen once a lifetime — not likely, but definitely possible.

Neil Young: He is Just released his full catalogue and this would make for a great surprise intimate set. Not our holding breath, but keeping the hope alive.

Bassnectar: Playing BUKU this year and has a pretty big gap between shows in March. It’s been almost a decade since he’s made an appearance at the fest, but 2018 could be the year he returns.

Migos: With the recent drop of Culture 2, an appearance at BUKU, and and open schedule, we suspect the Atlanta trio will be back again in 2018 to support Quality Control.

SZA: She’s at BUKU and also releasing a lot of great music lately. She has more than a few reasons to make her presence known at this year’s fest. We’re keeping our eyes open for this one.

Flatbush Zombies: Another fest vet playing BUKU with and open schedule. We believe this is a definite possibility in 2018.

ASAP Mob: Ferg might make an appearance to close out Interactive, but outside that he has a pretty full schedule during music week. The rest of The Mob, including Rocky, appear to have a pretty open and available schedule. Crossing our fingers.

Post Malone: Post has an open schedule and he’s a Texas boy at heart. That’s not even mentioning that Bud Light, a major sponsor at this years festival, is also a sponsor of him directly as an artist. Come through, buddy.

Jack White: Kicking off a tour in April and known to one time play a parking lot at SX, he’s the epitome of surprise pop-up. You won’t see this show advertised if it happens, so just keep your ears to the streets.

Eminem: Headlining almost every major festival in 2018, we are basically holding on to hope he starts out 2018 by headlining a showcase sometime during the fest.

Pharrel/Neptunes/N.E.R.D.: Releasing and producing multiple projects recently and this would make for a great headliner to any showcase. Wide open schedule.

Lil Uzi Vert: Fest alum, in Texas during music week with dates available, playing at BUKU fest and charting like mad. We put him highly likely.

A Perfect Circle: New music, new album on the way, and festival appearances starting in March. Fingers crossed.

Alt J: Fest vet, tour starting in April, and an open schedule.

More big rumors and official artists announces from the fest itself to come. Follow @WhoaCo to keep up. Coming to the fest? We can RSVP to all of the unofficial parties for you. All the fun, none of the work Sign up now.