Must See Bands: Part 1 – 2017 Festival

Editor’s note: We love getting in the mood for the festival by previewing the best artists to watch. This post is the first in our 2017 series covering the best talent at the fest and brought you by RSVPster music writer, Brad. 

The music and interactive festival is an exciting time every year, in which the city of Austin is overtaken by all sorts of events and showcases. One of the biggest appeals of the festival is the amount of music that is present. It can also be overwhelming, as there are over a thousand acts on the lineup each year. You might be the biggest music fan in the world, but there’s no way to see all or even half of all those bands and artists. We will highlight four of the most exciting acts who are playing at the music festival this year, from March 13 to March 19. Listen now, then add these acts to your festival schedule.

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Dawg Yawp

Who they are: This Cincinnati duo writes heart-on-their-sleeves folk songs with titles like “Not So Sure” and “Lost at Sea” and gives them a fresh new twist with the addition of a sitar and stomping drum samples to create folk that packs an urgent punch.

Why we’re excited: In a live music landscape full of electric guitars, bass, drums and maybe some keyboards, it’s legitimately exciting to see a lesser known or used instrument like a sitar be implemented. It doesn’t hurt either that Dawg Yawp’s sitar arrangements are rather beautiful.

Have they played the fest before?: No

Cold Specks

Who they are: Cold Specks is the alias of Ladan Hussein, a singer-songwriter from Toronto whose music is dark, soulful and absolutely potent from beginning to end. She has even received the invaluable endorsement of Swans’ Michael Gira.

Why we’re excited: It’s rare to find an artist who sounds like they’re baring their soul as they perform, but that’s exactly what Hussein’s music provides. If the audience at her show is ready for a sobering, haunting experience, it is guaranteed to be one of the best shows of the whole week.

Have they played the fest before?: Yes

Hockey Dad

Who they are: This surf rock band from Wollongong, Australia plays sun-soaked tunes with fat basslines, glossy guitar riffs and longing vocals. The only thing that sounds remotely cold about this band is their name.

Why we’re excited: Hockey Dad sound like quite a few beloved bands from recent years, such as Real Estate and the Walkmen, but they are able to meld their influences into something concrete that’s exciting and new. It will be great fun to witness their big-hearted hooks at work at the fest this year.

Have they played the fest before?: Yes

Nothing For Breakfast

Who they are: This four-piece from Florence, Italy creates a funky, murky atmosphere through their songs which start off haunting but soon turn into truly potent dance numbers.

Why we’re excited: It’s always impressive when a band can subvert expectations about where a song is going and not feel forced. Nothing For Breakfast should prove to be an invigorating experience by how multi-faceted their songs are. Attendees might leave with a new favorite band.

Have they played the fest before?: No