Rumor Roundup and Line Up Additions – Round 3

Rumor Roundup and Line Up Additions – Round 3

Ed note: With so many SX rumors, we’re keeping track up updating the running list of artist rumors several times a week. This is Round 3 of SXSW 2014 artist rumors. View Round 1 & Round 2. This list of some of the larger artists rumors for the festival comes from @SXSWhoa – know a SX secret not listed that you can share? Tweet @SXSWhoa, @RSVPster or contact us with your party details.

Starting off, it looks like Eminem will most likely be at the fest this year. Shady Records rap group Slaughterhouse consisting of Crooked I, Joell Ortiz, Royce da 5’9″ and Joe Budden have announced a tour with 5 dates beginning in Austin at SXSW. The upcoming Slaughterhouse record features confirmed SXSW artist Action Bronson, who recently announced an upcoming tour with Eminem via YouTube. Last time Slaughterhouse came to the fest, Eminem joined them for their set. If we gambled we’d go all in on Slim Shady making an appearance.

Perez Hilton appears to be trying to court One Direction for his annual showcase/party which makes us wonder exactly how many 21+ people could be Directioners besides Perez.

Should make for an interesting spectacle. The tweet is probably part of his attempt to hype up the event, but the Perez party, which went from the ranks of an unofficial event held in a bingo hall has gone to a full-out large scale concert (with a paid ticket, at least for the past two years).

While looking into what MySpace might do this year – the biggest question is whether they would bring back the @secretshow concept for SXSW 2014. We found this tweet from August: 

This makes it seem like they have intention to return in some capacity this year. To follow or not to follow? That’s just how some secret shows work. You just don’t know until the week of.

Billy Joel has recently announced a tour with no TX dates, gaps at both 3/10­-13 and 3/15­-20, and a show in Nashville 3/14. We’re thinking he may drop the Sledgehammer at SXSW.

Previously, we mentioned that Kings of Leon had a convenient gap during SXSW. Then noticed that SXSW showcasing artists The Growl recently finished up a tour with them. Possibly for a tour reunion during the fest?

There was some early talk of Led Zepplin possibly reuniting and touring this year possibly with an appearance at SXSW – most likely spurred by the fact that Robert Plant lives in Austin and there were rumors that they were in talks to reunite with for an album and a tour. According to Jimmy Page‘s manager that didn’t work out. He is quoted as saying: “Led Zeppelin are over! If you didn’t see them in 2007, you missed them. It’s done. I can’t be any clearer than that.” Bummer.

Former Oasis member Liam Gallagher‘s band Beady Eye has a stop scheduled for Big Day Out replacing Blur on the lineup and they’re booked at Coachella — this might be enough to add Beady Eye as a SX possibility. Speaking of Liam, always be prepared for whispers of an Oasis reunion at SXSW. However, with Noel Gallagher continually refusing to let it happen, we think while not impossible, it is most likely a “no” for this year.

Eurythmics have announced that they will play The Night That Changed America: A Grammy Salute to the Beatles in a one night only appearance. But with all this talk of The Beatles at SXSW, maybe they’ll find room to squeeze one more show in at Austin.

Our last post mentioned Gnarls Barkley as a potential for SXSW because it appears Cee Lo has a clear schedule, Danger Mouse will be town most likely, and an announcement of working on a new album. Well it looks like if they do decide to make it happen they will have at least a couple brand new tracks to unleash on the world at SXSW as well as Cee Lo possibly having some solo work to debut.

Tom Morello is known to make the occasional appearance at SXSW and is currently touring with Bruce Springstein who has a gap in his tour during SXSW. Maybe the former RATM guitarist can convince Bruce to drop by SXSW and play a random parking lot session.

Finally, IFC will be at SXSW again this year no doubt promoting Portlandia. There’s been echoes of a Sleater-Kinney reunion tour in the air for some time now after reuniting last year to rock with Pearl Jam in Portland. Carrie Brownstein has already teased a band reunion and she will most likely be here with Portlandia during SXSW — we’d love it if the band came and debuted a Sleater­-Kinney tour the right way.

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