#SXSecrets: Who to Follow on Twitter

#SXSecrets: Who to Follow on Twitter

Who to Follow for SXSW on Twitter

A quick, and easy way to find out what’s going on all over Austin during (and before) South By begins is to load up your twitter feed to be sure you’re following the most South-by savvy users. Because ‘Follow Friday’ is lame, here’s our shortlist of our favorite SX-related twitter feeds.

The best —

@SXSWPartyList:  As the name states, this feed is all about the RVSPs & great for following during the fest if you’re looking to changes in party info.

@SXSWfreedrinks: SXSOWASTED.

@atxhipsters: Twitter-bot feed of every Austin blog w/ extensive music/SXSW coverage  + knowledge of the best parties in town + a little sass.

@sxshhh: Our friends over at @sxshhh are creating a spreadsheet of events/parties for SXSW ’12. Curated by @wornwhite (also follow her) and @jaycampbell, this duo has made SX partyin’ organized for the past 6 years. They’re in the know, and you’ve gotta follow for all things secretive during South By.

@SouthByFreeNoms: Real talk: I hate the term ‘noms’ for food. Real talk: despite the name, this is one of the best users to follow during SX – always on it with the free food, which comes in handy mid-day Thursday when you just want a free taco.

@sxswtweet: Retweets people chattin’ about SXSW.

The media —

@bvSXSW: Brooklyn Vegan at SXSW. They’re throwing shows + taking photos + providing  music coverage of official showcases/great day parties.

@sxswist: Austinist at SXSW – The Austinist team usually has a rad opening party, and provides coverage through the fest.

The funny —

@SXSWhine: Complaining to Twitter about lines, etc? It’s probably going to make it here.

@SXSWpartygirls: New this year, I don’t know who this is, but I’d like to think that their goal w/ this account is to have some hook-ups with visiting European lead singers (it’s probably not). Oh, and they’re pretty on it with the party announcements, too.

@drunkatsxsw: See below:


Following your favorite blogs/venues always helps with keeping up with chaos. Our favorites: @MohawkAustin, @BeautyBarAustin, @CheerUpCharlies.