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Here’s some advice for traveling from Red River to Rio Grande St (PS Did you know the streets downtown Austin go from East to West in the same order as the rivers across Texas? Now you do) to South Congress to the Eastside. The city swells during Southby, and you’re not going to be able to get easy parking most places downtown. Try out these options to help you easily get where you need to go.

Use Your Feet:

Austin is small, and everything is (for the most part) within walking distance. Get yourself some exercise, avoid all risk of getting a DWI, and perhaps you’ll even get caught up in a party march that will make the cut for Last Night’s Party. Just walkin’, now internet-famous.


Best possible way to travel. Most likely method to get a Craig’s List Missed Connection. Check out rental prices if you don’t already own two wheels, and keep up with the various ATX bike blogs (favorite: ATXBS)  for info on social rides to where to buy new tubes.


Capital Metro can be confusing, but they have a twitter — you can tweet at the bus! No matter how much you complain-tweet, they probably can’t do much about the person throwing a fit next to you, but they can help out with questions like ‘How the f— did I end up in Round Rock?‘. There’s also the Metrorail (aka the barely used, so futuristic monorail), which will have an extended schedule during the festival.


Pedicab riders are always so attractive — they’ve got such nice legs! Using a pedicab can incite feelings of ultimate laziness, especially climbing the hill on San Jacinto, but it’s a useful, quick, fun way to get around the crowds. Just be sure not to harass the rider, and to ALWAYS TIP. When a pedicabber takes you 10 blocks while making charming conversation — bring cash and tip well.


By becoming a member of this fleet of Smart Cars means you’ll not only feels oh-so-very-European, but also you’ll have the flexibility of being able to drive wherever (within a certain area, but this covers downtown), with excellent, easy parking abilities, and can leave the car at your destination without having to return it to a specific spot. Plus, driving down Lamar feels like Grand Theft Auto: Austin.


That’s right. The Segway tour. Quite possibly the most ridiculous method of travel, especially since you’re not exactly supposed to break free from sightseeing at the Capitol to hit up the Perez Hilton party. But, do it, we dare you. Arrive wearing a helmet on a Segway = arrive in style.


Not talking about a Vespa. Too hip. Instead, get a mobility scooter, which apparently can be rented at the same time as renting a car, or taken from your area grocery store.  Imagine leading your pack of friends on your Rascal down 6th street. The definition of ridin’ dirty.

Tall Bike:

Clearly, this is your most practical method.

RSVPster: getting you on the list and to party in one piece.

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  • Would love a link to Uber! We’ll be enabling a massive fleet of pedicabs during SXSWi.

    Here’s the blurb:

    Uber is down in Austin for SXSW & bringing our on-demand style to a massive fleet of Pedicabs!

    Download Uber, launch it in Austin, and instead of classy town cars you’ll see a crew of pedicabs ready to pedal in your direction. Have a blast, party hard, and pedicab your way home … and still … NO CASH NEEDED.

    Enjoy SXSW 2011. Party hard. Keep in Austin weird. Uber on.
    Sign up here > http://uber.com/signup

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