#SXSecrets: Must-Haves, Part 1.

#SXSecrets: Must-Haves, Part 1.

You can find plently of “practical” tips for Southby, telling you to bring things like business cards, to stay hydrated, or that you shouldn’t go anywhere without extra socks, but that’s not what RSVPster cares about. We’re more about getting you the ultimate party experience. To quote The Great Andrew WK, “When it’s time to party, we will party hard.”

Here’s (some of) what you really need for SouthBy 2011:


Jeans. Shorts. Jorts. Obviously, you can’t successfully move from party to party in pants. Instead, you need to versatility of the jort. The magic of the jort lets you can go day to night to day to night. Over and over again because your best cut-off pair (ideal if made with thrift store Levi’s) will look exactly the same on day 1 as day 10 of wear, they are packable, great for the hot streets of ATX, and we also highly recommend buying some Gold Bond to optimize your jort-wearing experience.

A Cab Hook-up:

If you’re an Austinite, go out this weekend, take a cab, befriend the driver, and get his cell phone number. At an unnamed magazine party downtown at 4am last year, RSVPster was stuck without transportation to a bed long after the Red Bull vodka ran out. Thankfully, a cab friend (Hey, Peter!) grabbed me while ignoring the countless others throwing themselves at his car as he navigated the messy streets of downtown. Don’t just call the Yellow Cab hotline, this will not work. You gotta hustle to get yourself a ride, girl.

A motto:

For RVSPster, SXSW ’09 was ‘No Parents, No Rules’, SXSW ’10 was went by ‘SouthbySouthMess’, and you heard it first, this year will be deemed SXSW ’11: No fear/No shame. You need a motto for the week, if only to have a potential name for whatever pictures come from the experience and end up in a facebook album. But, the motto is more than a just a blanket statement to live by, it’s also going to dictate your attitude while in Austin. No fear/No shame encompasses an essential attitude for maximum festival enjoyment — you’ve got to come with an open mind, don’t be afraid to see bands you’ve never heard of, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to a stranger, and don’t be afraid to try whatever food/liquor you’re being offered for free.

A witness:

Everyone in Texas is friendly! You’ll have so much fun even if you go to events alone, but it’s also better to have a witness, a buddy, a friend in the trenches with you. You’ve got to have someone who can vouch that you actually did make out with Bill Murray. You’ve got to have somebody sober enough to remember where you parked. You can’t be in every photo alone! This is why RSVPster offers FREE rsvping for one friend (or will make note if a party includes a +1).

We’ll be your friend (if you sign up).